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Hospital Partnership
Description:  St. Timothy Hospital (Robertsport, Liberia)
Your sponsorship will save lives! St. Timothy Hospital serves the rural northwest region of Liberia along with Atlantic Ocean coast.  The people there are poor and under resourced leaving them vulnerable to disease and avoidable maternal and child mortality.  St. Timothy’s Hospital does what it can with the meager supplies, equipment, and human resources it has to offer.  Medical equipment; supplies; physician, nurse, and other volunteer help; and funds to rehabilitate the hospital rooms, surgery, and exam rooms are critically needed.

“Partnership” Request:
  Seven Hills Global Outreach is seeking any used, but fully functioning, equipment to support the examination rooms, surgical suite, delivery room suite, and patient rooms.  St. Vincent’s Hospital has virtually no modern hospital equipment to provide chronic or acute care to thousands of individuals.  Financial assistance to rehabilitate the patient rooms, examination rooms, and surgery is desperately needed.  The estimate to repair and upgrade one (1) patient room or examination room is $1,700 USD, exclusive of equipment needed.  A full renovation of the surgery and pre/post operative rooms is estimated at $20,000 USD.  To fully upgrade St. Timothy’s Hospital in Robertsport, Liberia we are seeking one (1) significant partner-donor (an individual, company, or hospital) who would make a financial commitment over a 3 year timeframe of $50,000 per year OR two (2) significant partner-donors who could make a financial commitment over a 3 year timeframe of $25,000 per year.  That’s a total of $150,000 USD to completely rehabilitate and upgrade a rural hospital serving some of the poorest people in West Africa!  If we can find partner-donors for each of the 32 major hospitals in Liberia – such as St. Timothy’s – we can help redefine healthcare in Liberia!  St. Timothy’s needs your support today.

What Your Support Returns to You: Given the critical nature of this request and the impact upon the lives of thousands of Liberians in and around the Robertsport district, representatives of Seven Hills Global Outreach will travel with you and your colleagues to St. Timothy’s to see first-hand the need of the people there and the focused and significant impact your assistance could make.  If travel to Liberia is not a practical undertaking for you – we will arrange a Skype “tour” of the hospital and let you talk to the personnel on the ground directly about the needs of the community.  Follow-up Skype updates can be arranged as often as you like to confirm the impact of your gift.

DonateNowContact UsWhen you or your organization is ready to partner with St. Timothy Hospital, please contact Spencer Gale at Seven Hills Global Outreach: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call 508.755.2340 ext. 1308. 

Hospital Partnership
Description: Bandawa Maternal Health Clinic & Birthing Center (Bandawa District, Sierra Leone)
Save a Mother – Save a Child! The Bandawa region of Sierra Leone lies outside of the regional city of Bo and constitutes 22 very rural bush villages of approximately 10,000 men, women, and children.  The largely self-subsistence farming region has no access to government supported electricity, public health, or schools.  In 2010, Seven Hills Global Outreach – working through our local partner, Zion Ministries – established the first and only ‘Clinic-School’ campus in Bandawa as a means of supporting the maternal and child health needs of this remote region.  Since that time, a new medical clinic, primary school, clean water wells, sanitation facilities, meeting hall, and discrete maternal birthing clinic have been built through Seven Hills and its contributors.  The ‘Bandawa Clinic-School’ campus has already saved hundreds of lives, educated hundreds more children, and serves as the only birthing center in the region.

“Partnership” Request:
The annual cost of fully operating the Bandawa Maternal Health Clinic & Birthing Center is a mere $21,000 USD which supports the healthcare services to over 10,000 men, women, & children.  Those funds pay for the stipends for staff nurses and a Chief Health Officer (CHO) 7 days a week; medical supplies and materials; and community outreach into the 22 remote villages.  We are seeking one (1) to three (3) donors who can sponsor the operating costs of the Bandawa Health Clinic & Birthing Center over a 3 year partnership term.  That’s just $2.10 per man, woman or child per year to offer thousands healthcare which is often the only hope between life and death!  Can you, your company, or your organization become the single sponsor – or one of three (3) sponsors – in support of the Bandawa Health Clinic & Birthing Center?  $21,000/year for full sponsorship or just $7,000/year for partial sponsorship – we desperately need your help.

Supplemental Request: Beyond the cost of healthcare services at the Bandawa Clinic, we are in search of one (1) donor who could sponsor the cost of a solar panel, electrical line, and lighting for the clinic.  There is no electricity at all in the Bandawa region and our medical staff in Bandawa and our team of clinicians here at Seven Hills Global Outreach in Massachusetts hope to launch – with your support – a SKYPE ‘tele-a-medicine’ initiative which could link our indigenous medical team in Sierra Leone with medical staff here in Massachusetts.  This would greatly assist with proper disease diagnosis and treatment protocols.  The one-time cost of a solar panel system at the Bandawa Health Clinic is $12,500 USD.  We are searching for one (1) or more partner-donors who can make the dream of solar electricity available in this remote region of Sierra Leone.  Can you, your club, your school or hospital, or your business take on this partnership request?  We need you.

What Your Support Returns to You: If you wish, Seven Hills can even help coordinate your travel and accommodations to the Bandawa Clinic to see for yourself the difference you’ve made.

DonateNowContact UsWhen you or your organization is ready to partner with the Bandawa Clinic in Sierra Leone, please contact Spencer Gale at Seven Hills Global Outreach: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call 508.755.2340 ext. 1308.