SHGO and ASODILL honor the great outdoors by collaborating for ecotourism, economic sustainability, environmental protection, and outdoor education in this remote, coffee-farming community.

In January 2011, SHGO visited the small mountainside community of Loma Linda to solidify a partnership with ASODILL in the rural highlands of Guatemala. Under the coordination of Pascual Rafael Escobar, ASODILL functions as the community association for Loma Linda, a cooperative community supported by agriculture and coffee-production. ASODILL works in the remote rural area surrounding Loma Linda to:

  • Promote environmental protection and conservation;
  • Emphasize and teach a deep appreciation for the outdoors through community education, campaigns, and training;
  • Develop food security systems through organic farming;
  • Advance an initiative for ecotourism and responsible environmental practices;
  • Support the needs of various local families in need through education, recreation, and more;
  • Facilitate democratic community participation for sustainable development.

SHGO’s partnership with ASODILL is currently focused on a 5-year plan to develop and implement an infrastructure for educational (edutourism) and ecotourism in the community, to boost economic sustainability by leveraging the incredible natural surroundings of Loma Linda. The edutourism and ecotourism efforts are coupled with a comprehensive plan for local community participation and ownership, environmental education, indigenous capacity-building, and international volunteerism. More recently Seven Hills has joined with a strategic partner in the United States - Honey Drop Beverages - to initiate a honey production business intended to contribute sustainable income to the indigenous community. Additionally, SHGO coordinates a monthly “child sponsorship” initiative which assists 32 impoverished children and their families.

Beekeeping project in Loma Linda


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