SHGO and HOCAP support seven rural communities - and hundreds of women, children, and families - through local initiatives for agriculture, micro-lending, education, and health outreach.

In January 2012, SHGO formed a very special partnership in Ghana with the local NGO HOCAP (Home of Care and Protection). The organization’s talented director, Barbara Asempa, has experience managing large multinational humanitarian and development efforts in Ghana – but left this work to establish HOCAP, fueling a passion to collaborate with local communities for true grassroots development.  HOCAP partners with seven rural communities surrounding the Tema area to:

  • Provide spiritual nurture;
  • Extend services for education and healthcare – with a focus on service provision for youth;
  • Develop systems for economic development through agriculture and micro-lending;
  • Promote support systems for women, children, and families;
  • Enact sustainable and community-driven development initiatives.

SHGO’s partnership with HOCAP is currently engaged with the development and promotion of a 5-year micro-lending program, extending small loans to local farmers for subsistence agriculture and income-generation. With this investment in local enterprise, funds earned serve to feed struggling families throughout the dry season, provide schooling and healthcare for children, and sustain family units and communities far beyond the harvest. With small amounts of interest earned, and loan repayment rates at 98 – 100%, the micro-lending fund provides a sustainable and ever-growing pool for economic and community-based development efforts.

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