Women’s Business Empowerment Series and Start-Up

The Women’s Group for the Development and Advancement of Gran Sous (GFDAG) is a grassroots community association on the island of La Gonave, Haiti, with 85 women members. The group recently completed an intensive, 33-day training in business development and management – in partnership with Roots of Development and SHGO - and are ready to launch an entrepreneurial venture that will change their island community forever. The business plan is simple: GFDAG will buy basic goods in bulk in the capital city, and re-sell these items in communities on La Gonave for a profit.

The business will create employment for local community members, while granting Haiti’s poorest rural populations access to essential items at an affordable cost. Throughout the process, GFDAG will receive support from a business consultant to ensure the pilot stages show success. Through teamwork, capacity-building, empowerment, and social entrepreneurship, the women of GFDAG are opening a gateway to access supplies for basic needs – while advancing economic development and uplifting Haiti’s rural poor.

Partner Organization: Roots of Development

Country(s): Haiti

Number Impacted: Directly- 85 women’s group members;
Indirectly- more than 2,500 area residents

Cost: $40,100 USD
Further Break Down: $33,500 start-up costs
$7,500 management workshops

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