Water Wells in Sierra Leone

In rural Sierra Leone, water is a precious commodity. With indoor plumbing unheard of in the region, deep water wells provide clean drinking water for communities year-round. Without access to deep water wells, a young boy may walk for hours to find water and thus be unable to attend school. Or, a young girl may be forced to drink stream water which infects her with parasites from human and animal waste. A pregnant mother may experience complications from infested water. A father may fall ill from unclean water, and become unable to provide for his family.

With access to water highly interconnected with health, education, and community development outcomes, access to clean and safe drinking water is an urgent need. The good news is that you can help. Just $5000 provides clean water through the drilling of community water well for a rural village. Or, you can support the development of a system of 15 water wells to equip an entire region with safe drinking water to impact health, education, and community development for generations to come.

Partner Organization: Zion Ministries

Country(s): Sierra Leone

Number Impacted: 17 Communities, 10,000+ People

Cost: $5,000 USD per well

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