Water Wells in Bangladesh

Bangladesh rural and urban populations face distinct challenges—in urban areas, slums surrounding city limits pose complex development issues; in rural areas, isolated poverty persists in the lives of people without access to basic resources. One major challenge, however, remains central and persists regardless of urban or rural geography: water.

From issues of access and sanitation to toxic waste and health, water is a root cause of some of Bangladesh’s most major development challenges. Not to mention that clean water is a basic human right, which many in Bangladesh lack access to. You can change this reality with the pump of a well.  $5000 will fund one deep water well to provide for a community; $20,000 will sponsor a network for 2 urban and 2 rural wells, uplifting entire regions with clean water and breaking the cycle of poverty.

Partner Organization: RUSTIC

Country(s): Bangladesh

Number Impacted: 4 Communities

Cost: $5,000 USD per well

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