Water System in La Gonave

Getting water is only step #1; getting CLEAN water is the essential step #2. In Haiti, water-bourne diseases like cholera are rampant, and can debilitate entire communities. Roots of Development and SHGO understand that the challenge of water is not only availability, but ensuring the water that is provided is both clean and drinkable.

On Haiti’s island of La Gonave, local participants wish to build a system that pipes water from a natural spring into their area. From the ground up, this water system will belong to the community, be used by the community, and be cared for by the community. With local ownership as the key to development that is sustainable, local residents are ready for step #2 – to not only pipe water, but to provide water to all in a form that is clean and usable. You can help community members in La Gonave achieve their dream for a comprehensive water system, pumping water that is both clean and sustainable to sustain lives, homes, and health.

Partner Organization: Roots of Development

Country(s): Haiti

Number Impacted: 1,200 people

Cost: $23,000 USD

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