Slum School Clinic for Girls

In the slums of Bangladesh, adolescent girls face further challenges than widespread poverty and lack of social support services. The specific needs and obstacles of girls in Bangladesh are closely tied with issues of gender bias, sexual violence, prostitution, pregnancy and women’s health, and more. RUSTIC, in partnership with SHGO, is working towards the opening of a Slum School and Vocational Center for Girls to serve brave adolescent girls as they strive to break damaging cycles of poverty and subordination with education and skill-training. And yet, health must be an essential piece of this puzzle, to ensure that as female students nurture their skills and intellect, healthcare is also provided to support a framework for basic human rights and enhanced capacity.

A future health clinic, with YOUR support, will be housed within the Slum School and Vocational Center for Girls, will serve the student body as well as students’ children and families with essential healthcare services. By providing for basic health needs while concurrently empowering females through education and skills training, holistic community development is fostered.  With education, vocational skills, and health on their side, the sky is the limit for these talented adolescent girls in the slums of Bangladesh!

Partner Organization: RUSTIC

Country(s): Bangladesh

Number Impacted: 150 Adolescent Girls in Slum Area

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