Rural Maternal and Child Health Clinic

In Sierra Leone, 1 in 8 women die during childbirth, and 1 in 10 children die before the age of 5 (World Fact Book, CIA; 2010). In rural areas, these statistics are even more severe than national averages. Maternal and child health in rural Sierra Leone is truly in crisis. To combat these startling statistics, SHGO and Zion Ministries operate a Maternal-Child Health Clinic on a comprehensive campus in the rural area of Bandawa, serving a catchment area of 17 villages of over 10,000 individuals in need of care. The clinic facilitates access to care in remote rural regions, while offering healthcare free of charge – recognizing health as a basic human right worldwide.

Yet, the clinic campus needs you support to continue providing lifesaving care to rural women and children in need. With a mere $50,000 USD – one year’s operating cost for all clinic supplies and activities - you can save the lives of thousands. From treating malaria to assisting with pregnancy complications, women and children are waiting to receive the support they need to experience safe and healthy pregnancies in rural communities.

Partner Organization: Zion Ministries,

Country(s): Sierra Leone

Number Impacted: 17 Communities, 10,000+ People

Cost: $50,000

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