Printing Enterprise for Rural Health and Education

Pairing a business plan with a community need with a social cause is a recipe for success. In this case, the business plan to fulfill a community need is a printing enterprise, to benefit rural health and education through Zion Ministries’ partnership with SHGO in Sierra Leone. In Sierra Leone, printing and photocopying is done at community print businesses, which supply companies, governments and universities with the essential stationary and paper supplies needed to function. These printing shops profit from each supply sold, and each copy made. With the ‘Printing Enterprise for Rural Health and Education,’ Zion Ministries and SHGO – with your support - are co-opting this money-making business model to fund good work for those in need.

In rural Sierra Leone, children regularly face preventable health issues, mothers often perish during childbirth, and not every youth is granted the opportunity to attend school thanks to lack of funding and access. At the Printing Enterprise in the city of Bo, each customer pays for an essential service – with funds from this social business reinvested to fund rural efforts for health, education, and outreach to those most in need.

Partner Organization: Zion Ministries

Country(s): Sierra Leone

Number Impacted: 17 Communities, 10,000+ Residents

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