Outdoor Education and Environmental Protection

In the ancient nation of Guatemala, the community of Loma Linda sits perched on a mountainside in the rural highlands. The community survives thanks to agriculture for subsistence and income-generation, and strives to develop an ecotourism experience that will draw tourists from around the world to responsibly and respectfully experience the lush natural setting. But ASODILL, in partnership with SHGO and the community of Loma Linda, knows the change must start within.

In preparation for launching an ecotourism program that will highlight the natural wonders of the area, residents of the local community strive to pass the deep history and knowledge of the land to the next generation – while protecting Loma Linda’s natural space. With your help, a generation will be educated to usher in an era of ecotourism development throughout which the local community members – not tour companies or foreigners - will remain the experts. In this grassroots and community-driven effort, the next generation of naturalists will be born, educated to honor their surrounding homeland.

Partner Organization: ASODILL

Country(s): Guatemala

Number Impacted: 1 Community, 100+ families

Cost: $5,000 USD

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