Microfund Initiatives

Naysayers said that loaning to the world’s poorest is too risky. But when communities are accountable for their own development, SHGO knows that it works. Loan repayment rates are always 98-100%. And, with small interest generated, SHGO partners reinvest into their communities and distribute more loans. This economic strategy uplifts communities, alleviates poverty, and is a sustainable gift that keeps on giving.

The SHGO Microfund distributes small loans to global partner organizations. Partners then extend funds to local community recipients – oftentimes farmers and women – to support local business ventures for income-generation. From agriculture development to small businesses for artisan crafts, loan recipients use local resources to become entrepreneurs.

Current Microfund Initiatives:

  1. Lending to Farmers (HOCAP, Ghana) - $7000
  2. Bo Microfund (Zion Ministries, Sierra Leone) - $2500
  3. Agriculture for Vocation and Education (Zion Ministries, Sierra Leone) - $3000
  4. Ecotourism Development (ASODILL, Guatemala)


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