Lending to Farmers

In the rural Ghanaian region of Tema, communities depend on agriculture for local subsistence as well as income-generation. However, farmers in Tema face distinct challenges due to Ghana’s two seasons: the dry season, and the wet season. With these seasonal cycles, community members enjoy an abundant yet abruptly short harvest season, followed by several months of struggle due to lack of food security and ability to sell crops at the marketplace. Food storage and preservation systems do not exist due to limited resources, and families continue to struggle in meeting basic needs.

With agriculture critically interconnected to all community development activities, YOU can help HOCAP and SHGO to fund farmers through community microloans. By supporting this initiative, microloans can be extended to over 100 community farmers who will use these small loans to increase their yield, store surplus food for difficult seasons, and work to increasing funding and food supplies for their communities. All loans are repaid by communities with a small interest rate. Interest earned will be reinvested by HOCAP into the lending program to facilitate a gift that ‘keeps on giving.’ More than that, the excess interest will work towards the development of community schools and clinics. Loan repayment is 98-100%, making microloans the most effective and sustainable way to give to communities for years and years to come.

Partner Organization: Home of Care and Protection - HOCAP

Country(s): Ghana

Number Impacted: 7 Communities

Cost: $7000 USD

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