Health Initiatives

Sierra Leone has some of the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the world, with 1 in 8 women perishing in childbirth. SHGO’s partner community in Guatemala does not even have one healthcare professional in its midst. In Haiti, there linger health issues from the 2010 earthquake with nowhere to turn for proper care. 

Although health is a basic human right, many in low-resource settings suffer a burden of preventable ailments and lack adequate health services due to issues of affordability; access; medical facilities, materials and providers; and cultural barriers. Through international partnerships for health and healthcare, SHGO advocates for ‘healthcare for all’ through supporting clinics, healthcare providers, training and outreach, education and community promotion.

  1. Rural Maternal and Child Health Clinic (Zion Ministries, Sierra Leone)
  2. Rural Health Promoter Training and Outreach (Zion Ministries, Sierra Leone)
  3. Rural Feeding and Nutrition Program (Zion Ministries, Sierra Leone)
  4. Sponsor a Shipment: Essential Medical and Health Supplies (Zion Ministries, Sierra Leone)
  5. Malaria Treatment and Prevention (Zion Ministries, Sierra Leone)
  6. Rural Clinic Construction (HOCAP, Ghana)
  7. Community Outreach and Mobile Clinic Healthcare (HOCAP, Ghana)
  8. Rural Health Promoter Training and Outreach (HOCAP, Ghana) - $2500
  9. School Clinic for Women and Girls (RUSTIC, Bangladesh)
  10. Community Healthcare and Outreach (RUSTIC, Bangladesh)
  11. Medical Outreach and Health Support (ASODILL, Guatemala)
  12. Birth Attendance and Community Midwifery Training – (Liberia, Ghana, Haiti, Bangladesh, Guatemala)
  13. Permanent Health Clinic Construction (Forward in Health, Haiti)
  14. Sponsor a Medical Student, Doctor, Nurse, or Specialist (International) – Contact SHGO for cost and more information


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