Food Security and Organic Farming

The small community of rural Loma Linda sits on the side of a mountain in Guatemala, inaccessible to the layperson. Hours on a bus through windy streets and muddy train brings you to the one-street community, an agriculturally-based village that strives to preserve Guatemala’s natural beauty through conservation, education, and ecotourism efforts.

While the community of Loma Linda works towards environmental sustainability each day, the community members at large struggle with hunger in the face of unpredictable harvests, extreme weather, and lack of access to food markets. Your support can plant a garden for a community to provide more than simply fruits and vegetables; your support will supply the nourishment to sustainably feed children and families in Loma Linda, as the community works towards sustainability in harmony with the local land.

Partner Organization: ASODILL

Country(s): Guatemala

Number Impacted: 1 Community, 100 Families

Cost: $5,000 USD

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