Ecotourism Adventure and Sustainability Development

Loma Linda is a small mountainside community in the highlands of rural Guatemala, boasting incredible natural beauty. Within the community’s vast network of hiking trails, bamboo farms, rolling hills, exotic bird species, and waterfalls lies a history of connection to the natural world stemming back to Ancient Mayan times. The spirit of Loma Linda, so deeply tied to environmental protection and appreciation for the natural world, makes Loma Linda a destination ripe of eco-tourism adventure travel.

You can support Loma Linda in the development of an ecotourism model that encourages the sharing of the area’s natural splendor with global travelers, while sustaining the community financially to enhance environmental protectionism and conservation of ancient natural spaces. Your support is needed for an eco-adventure in-the-making with ASODILL, Guatemalan leaders in rural sustainability. In partnership with SHGO, a collaboration with ASODILL ensures that local environmental knowledge and ecological history are honored throughout the ecotourism and environmental sustainability process.

Partner Organization: ASODILL

Country(s): Guatemala

Cost: $30,000 USD

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