Concrete Block-Making Enterprise

Post-earthquake Haiti is still in need of re-building, years after the disaster. Yet, with Roots of Development and SHGO, communities are taking rehabilitation and community development into their own hands! On the island of La Gonave in Haiti, APDAG – a grassroots community organization formed in partnership with Roots of Development – and residents of the island plan to create a concrete block-making business to support new construction development on La Gonave. The business will allow residents of the island to construct spaces for living, conducting business, and more – while supporting a local enterprise – to enhance local community development, without having to source costly materials from larger businesses on Haiti’s mainland.

The block-making machine can produce up to 1500 blocks per day, which will bring in over $900 per day for this new local business! Help local Haitians own their OWN community development through supporting an entrepreneurial venture to encourage advances in business, construction, economic empowerment and community-led sustainable development!

Partner Organization: Roots of Development

Country(s): Haiti

Number Impacted: 10,000+ Residents

Cost: $95,500 USD

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