Environmental Protection

International development has a sad history of environmental destruction. SHGO partner nations boast sky-high waterfalls in Guatemala, gorgeous shorelines in Ghana, and natural wonders in Kenya – to name just a few. To preserve the natural world and maintain the lifelong strength of local communities’ powerful connection to their lands, SHGO partners to support ecotourism, conservation, environmental education and sustainable practices - changing the history of environmental development, one community at a time.

Current Environmental Protection Initiatives:

  1. Food Security and Organic Farming (ASODILL, Guatemala) - $5000
  2. Bird-Watching Ecotourism and Natural Conservation (ASODILL, Guatemala) - $5000
  3. Outdoor Education and Environmental Protection (ASODILL, Guatemala) - $5000
  4. Urban Waste Management and Recycling (RUSTIC, Bangladesh)


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