Mission & Vision

The Seven Hills Global Outreach strategy is based on a comprehensive model for grassroots community development that fosters local ownership, capacity-building, and empowerment. The three spheres - ECONOMIC, ENVIRONMENTAL and SOCIAL – represent key elements of sustainable development and show their interconnected nature. SHGO’s strategy promotes that in order for development to truly work, all three spheres must be addressed in tandem.

Sustainability DiagramSeven Hills Global Outreach (SHGO), an Affiliate of Seven Hills Foundation, supports the humanitarian efforts of partnering health, education, and human services organizations in developing nations and home communities of Seven Hills’ diverse staff.

The mission of Seven Hills Foundation and its Affiliates is to promote and encourage the empowerment of people with significant challenges so that each may pursue their highest possible degree of personal well-being and independence.

Our Philosophy
Seven Hills Global Outreach approaches international development from a partnership-based perspective, encouraging and empowering sustainable development processes in collaboration with indigenous partner organizations for community-driven and locally-owned initiatives. All of SHGO’s partnerships are focused on uplifting communities through local capacity-building, holistic approaches to development, and grassroots-level participation.
SHGO collaborates to support global challenges in the economic, social, and environmental spheres – and these spheres’ unique areas of intersection – towards the achievement of sustainability. In leveraging the ‘3 Spheres’ model for sustainability within each partnership, SHGO acknowledges the interconnected nature of community development to engage with integrated solutions to deeply-global challenges.

Seven Hills Global Outreach
• Grassroots Partnerships, Local and International
• Driven by Seven Hills staff & Community Supporters
• Health, Education and Basic Needs
• International Development
• Support and Sustainability

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