Initiatives for Sustainable Development

Sustainability DiagramSHGO’s strategy is based on a comprehensive model for grassroots community development that fosters local ownership, capacity-building, and empowerment. The three spheres - ECONOMIC, ENVIRONMENTAL and SOCIAL – represent key elements of sustainable development and show their interconnected nature. SHGO’s strategy promotes the idea that, for development to truly work, all three spheres must be addressed in tandem.


Economic InitiativesEconomic development is an engine for sustainability, allowing local communities to claim their own resources and manage grassroots development. Learn more>


Environmental InitiativesThrough global partnerships focused on the local environment, SHGO contextualizes local sustainability challenges while capacitating grassroots partners within their global ecosystems. Learn more>


Social InitiativesHealth and education form the backbone of SHGO’s support in partner nations, empowering communities to live long, fruitful lives while advancing education to learn and grow. Learn more>

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