Clean Water

Flowing streams are sites for collecting drinking water, washing, laundering, and waste disposal. And yet, one community’s drinking reservoir may be downstream from the next community’s waste site. Running water and plumbing are rare and unreliable, and the nearest well may be hours on foot. Water-borne diseases plague entire communities, perpetuating cholera and other preventable illnesses. The issue of water affects everyone but, solutions are available, affordable, and simple.

SHGO and global partners work together to provide water – a basic human right – around our world. Communities with deep water wells, solar water pumps, and innovative filtration systems experience increased health and overall productivity. The simple pump of a well can save a community hours of walking, days of illness, and lifetimes of struggle.

Current Clean Water Initiatives:

  1. Water Wells in Sierra Leone: 15 Wells for a Region, 1 Well for a Community (Zion Ministries, Sierra Leone) - $5000 per well
  2. Water Wells in Bangladesh: 2 Wells for Rural Areas, 2 Wells for Slum Areas (RUSTIC, Bangladesh) - $5000 per well
  3. Water Well in Liberia: 1 Well for Health Clinic in Nimba Region (Liberia)
  4. Water Well in Merger, Haiti: 1 Well for Rural Orphan Shelter (Starlight Hand Ministries, Haiti) - $5000
  5. Water System in La Gonave, Haiti: Community Water Tank for Nan Plim Community (Roots of Development, Haiti) - $23,000
  6. Water Wells in Ghana: 7 Wells for 7 Rural Communities (HOCAP, Ghana) - $5000 per well

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