Bo Microfund

To empower community economic development, SHGO and Zion Ministries look to the entrepreneurial spirit within the communities themselves. Through Zion Ministries, microloans are lent to community members in support of small business developments, microenterprises, and social entrepreneurship ventures. With this start-up capital, local loan recipients can create income-generating projects that support the overall community economic development in a grassroots fashion.

With loan repayment rates at 98%-100%, the interest earned on repaid loans supports the dissemination of future microloans in the community, so that the economic development effect can multiply with each cycle of lending. In this way, support for the Bo Microfund is a donation with a ripple effect…which keeps growing and giving for years to come.

Partner Organization: Zion Ministries

Country(s): Sierra Leone

Number Impacted: 17 Communities

Cost: $2,500

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