Barley Farm for Education

The Beverly School of Kenya provides world-class education to orphans and vulnerable children, many of whom are HIV+ and face serious life challenges due to rampant poverty in rural Kenyan villages. At The Beverly School, students enjoy clean and safe room, board, education, and enrichment programs. Young female students are offered the same educational opportunities are their male counterparts, no underprivileged child is asked to pay a tuition bill, and students are saved the labors of walking miles to attend school or find water. Students at The Beverly School of Kenya access an education that effectively breaks the cycle of poverty, and poises students for real-world success.

How is this possible? A local barley field financially sustains the school in place of tuition bills, as barley is sold to local beer breweries for their products, and profits are reinvested into providing top-notch education to Beverly School students. But the ‘Barley Farm for Education’ needs your support. By investing a donation towards this sustainable agricultural venture, students at The Beverly School can continue to learn while breaking the cycle of poverty for years to come.

Partner Organization: The Beverly School of Kenya

Country(s): Kenya

Number Impacted: 100+ Students

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