Agriculture for Vocation and Education

In rural Sierra Leone, the ability to attend and complete secondary school is a privilege. Secondary school fees - in combination with supply and uniform costs - can be unattainable for the rural poor population. Orphans and vulnerable children - including street children and youth who have been separated from their family due to poverty and violence - face even further challenges surrounding education. For most, secondary school is simply out of reach.

With support from SHGO, Zion Ministries, and YOU, universal secondary school attendance can be achieved.  With agriculture as the cornerstone of subsistence and income-generation in Sierra Leone, it is an important vehicle for impacting good work. As such, Zion Ministries works with orphans and vulnerable children to teach vocational farming and agriculture strategies while youth practice their skills on land in the area of Bo - in a safe and supportive atmosphere under the mentorship of Zion Ministries. In exchange for their working hours and product sales, they are compensated with funds towards secondary schooling fees – allowing the children to feed themselves and their communities through agriculture for vocation and education. By funding this initiative, YOU are ensuring the vocational and educational success of youth in need – while providing support, mentorship, and purpose that empowers, uplifts a generation from struggle and poverty, and instills a sense of personal value that is truly priceless.

Partner Organization: Zion Ministries

Country(s): Sierra Leone

Number Impacted: 17 Communities

Cost: $3,000 USD

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