Education Initiatives

A school session in rural Ghana is conducted under the shade of a large tree in place of a schoolhouse. A young student cannot attend school in rural Sierra Leone because she cannot afford the school uniforms. In Jamaica, a slum school struggles to fund another year of alternative education for street children in need.

“The human mind is our fundamental resource,” John F. Kennedy famously said. As rural and low-resource communities grow and expand their own development potential, SHGO actively supports education as a key tenant of community sustainability and local empowerment.

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Sponsor a Global Educator

The need for education is universal. And yet, across our globe – including within the US – there exist challenges and obstacles in providing quality education to all students in need. Education takes many forms – tutoring, classroom teaching, peer learning, outdoor education, teamwork and leadership training, educational mentorship, vocational programming, and more.  We know that young people everywhere strive for excellence – but all students need quality social and educational support to achieve their goals.

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Sponsor a Rural Health and Community Education Campus

In 2010, SHGO and Zion Ministries developed the first-ever Rural Health and Community Education Campus in Bandawa, Sierra Leone. The campus centralizes a health clinic, primary school, community water well, nutrition and feeding center, and community meeting space in the same geographic area for local families to access all essential services at a ‘one-stop shop.’ In its first years of operation, the campus has served thousands of youth and families to educate, save lives, and uplift the 17 surrounding communities of over 10,000 people. The Community Campus Model delivers health, education, nutrition and community development in a way that is sustainable, locally-owned, and efficient – and soon caught the attention of Sierra Leone’s First Lady, Her Excellency Sia Nyama Koroma.

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