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Ebola Relief Fund for Liberia

"We must act quickly to support those in dire need in Liberia to address the Ebola outbreak” - Dr. Jordan. Among the most deadly diseases known to man, Ebola kills up to 90 percent of those infected.

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The people of Sierra Leone have been hard hit by the worst-ever Ebola outbreak. Partner organizations are working to effectively treat, prevent, and contain the virus - your support is greatly appreciated!

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Sponsor a Child’s Education

Meet Berta and Cesar, two of the many students in Loma Linda, Guatemala, who need your sponsorship support. With SHGO's partnership and YOUR support, community economic development can flourish. Learn how to help:

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Fight Maternal Mortality Rates

All over the world, women risk their lives during childbirth. However, most maternal and infant deaths and other pregnancy complications are preventable....

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Promote Healthcare in Ghana

Support mobile care and outreach for the patients who require health attention most, and encourage clinicians to address overall community health needs through the ‘Mobile Clinic Outreach’.

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Sponsor a Rural Health and Community Education Campus

Supply access to essential social support services to a network of rural poor populations throughout Sierra Leone.

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Interested in making a significant impact in one of our global community partnerships? Join us as a corporate sponsor and travel with us to experience your impact first-hand.

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